Sorting guide
Co-developed with Randers, Frederiksberg, Renosyd and Kolding

Local sorting based on national standards

Better sorting & Less administration

The new sorting guide reduces the amount of administration and support work for each individual municipality, while at the same time improves the information and guidance available to citizens.

The sorting guides from several municipalities have been unified, aligned and restructured with additional attributes:
Each searchable word is connected to relevant materials, properties, categories and synonyms to create the most comprehensive list of searchable words.

The new sorting guide is managed from a central location, can be adjusted for each municipality and reduces maintenance work to a minimum.

Our service

Continuously updated word list with material-information and properties

Up to date pictogram and fraction information

Continuous improvement based on common client feedback

Accessible design based on "det fælles designsystem"

Easy integration in your website or App

Your benefits

Minimised administration time

Easy adaptation to your local sorting information

Less support time for citizens who want to sort correctly

Large and adaptable word list


Learn how easy it is to integrate the sorting guide into your website, App and other digital channels and see the opportunities to adapt the information to your needs.