Improving the status quo of local recycling

TheNewSort ApS was founded with a clear target:

To enable consumers to sort their household waste in the best way possible, enhance municipal recyclability rates and thereby contribute to a more sustainable society.

Everyday, each of us is confronted with a decision that is connected to recycling. Most of us know about the benefits of recycling and we try to act in order to make recycling possible, but in reality, we often fail to do so.

We realised that the relevant information to make a correct sorting decision is scattered among different stakeholders and hard to connect for most consumers. We work to unfold the full potential of consumer behaviour and convert the consumer’s sorting action to the desired impact.

Complex problems are better solved together

At TheNewSort we acknowledge that we are only one piece to solve this complicated puzzle.

Together, we are facing a reality with complex interdependencies, a system of established structures and different interests that have to be seen from multiple angles. We aim to connect and translate these prerequisites into concrete and easy to follow actions with a direct positive impact on recycling rates and our society as a whole.

For this, we are encouraging all stakeholders to join us and contribute with their perspective on the problem and its possible solutions. We believe that the necessary impact comes from an inspiring vision and a true sense of ownership.We strive for transparency and deep collaboration across organisational borders that benefit our overarching shared interest: living in a sustainable world.