Developed for CIRKULÆR (Danish Waste Association)

A digital home for the Danish Waste Pictogram system is the new dedicated space to receive up to date information on the usage of the Danish Waste Pictograms.

We developed the website on behalf and in collaboration with CIRKULÆR (former Dansk Affaldsforening) who developed and maintain the Danish Pictogram-system. CIRKULÆR promotes the use and implementation across Danish borders and provides guidelines, resources and information on its use.

To optimise accessibility, administration and updates of the content, CIRKULÆR was in need to create a digital platform that provides resources for municipalities, waste management organisations, producers, citizens and other stakeholders.

Users are able to download the pictograms in different versions and languages to apply them in their context and find good examples and other information on the correct use.

The content is administered by CIRKULÆR and the website will be continuously developed by TheNewSort.

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